ACCESS MUSIC is a bespoke program that makes music available to everyone irrespective of experience or circumstance.

Music knows no boundaries; it is a true International language that can give pleasure and positive benefits through playing and listening.

Music is proven to be beneficial to our physical, social, emotional, sensory and communication needs. Music exists in every culture in every corner of the world. This video perfectly sums up what we're all about!


ACCESS MUSIC was formed after research showed that there was no other facility available in North Tyneside. We are passionate about providing opportunities for the local community. We particularly want to target individuals who are furthest away from employment. We want everyone who takes part to have fun and gain confidence through Music, this may be learning how to play, record, write, listen and share.

We Aim:-

To provide access to professional rehearsal and recording facilities.
To provide access to safe, inspirational, recreational and social environments
To develop individual’s confidence, self-esteem and social skills through Music.
To nurture and encourage musical talent and enjoyment, including bespoke events for individuals and groups..
To give everyone a chance to ACCESS MUSIC.

We will do this by:-

Providing access to tuition from established musicians and singers.
Providing instruments
Providing access to professional musical qualifications and our own bronze, silver and gold accreditation.

Featured Projects: